How To Buy

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Browse and choose your items. You may either scroll through the home page or click on SHOP to continue looking for your eye-care needs

Step 3: Once you've decided your chosen items, choose QUANTITY, click ADD TO CART, then CHECK OUT.

Step 4: Fill in your complete name, email, cellphone and address details, then click CONTINUE TO SHIPPING.

Step 5: Choose your shipping group and then click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.

Step 6: Choose your payment method from our options, then select COMPLETE ORDER.

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation email with your order summary.

*Note 1: If you chose the online bank deposit option, please don't forget to send us a screenshot or picture of your deposit slip to Sorrento Sunwear on Facebook Messenger or so we can process your order. 
*Note 2: Your order will not be processed if we do not receive your proof of payment (except if it is a PayPal or Credit Card payment)
*Note 3: If you want to make any changes to order, message us at Sorrento Sunwear on Facebook Messenger so we can try our best to amend it before we accept your payment.

Step 8: Your item’s delivery will be coordinated with you within 2-4 days. This will be delivered straight outside your door.