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Night Eyes: Getting a #BetterView when it gets Dark

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Perhaps there are times when we take driving at night for granted. It may be second nature to most of us, but there are a lot of things lurking in the darkness. Unlit sections of road and sudden surprises are just some of the things that make night driving that little bit more dangerous. Because you see less at night, you won't be able to react as fast in an emergency situation. Even too much light is a hazard at night.

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While we can't do any about the darkness, there are ways to be able to see better at night. Having that extra bit of vision at night is not only helpful but also makes driving much safer. Here are a few ways to make the most out of low light.

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Easy on the tint

There are a lot of benefits to having window tint. For starters, you won't get fried under the sun while driving and it blocks out harmful UV rays too. Sure, darker tint blocks out more heat but if it's too dark, it's just dangerous.

At the front at least, keep your tint light not just for the windshield but also for the front windows as well. If your car has heavy tint at the moment, try taking it off and replacing it with a lighter shade. You'll be amazed at the difference.

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Adjust your lights

It's not enough that your lights are bright, they have to be aimed properly in the first place. Sure, there are a lot of plug-in kits and retrofits that can give you a brighter set of lights, but sometimes, people do forget to align them.

What's the importance of aligning your lights, you ask? Simple: so you can optimize the light beam's depth. You may have the most powerful set of lights possible for your car but if it's not aimed right, then the upgrade isn't much help. Also, you could also end up blinding other people on the road.

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Detail your lights and windshield

While we're on the subject of lights, having them detailed is a big help too. Over time, headlight clusters age, turn yellow, or downright hazy. Because of that, the lights aren't optimized and the range is reduced.

Detail your windshield while you're at it too. These scratches on the glass form over the years and there are instances wherein lights bounce off in an unusual way which could cause glare. At the same time, these scratches could also reduce vision, which is something you wouldn't want at night.

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Give night driving glasses a shot

But aside from the dark, there's another hazard in night driving and that's glare. Be it, someone who forgot to turn off their high-beams or an LED billboard being overly bright, glare can be just as dangerous as the dark. You won't be able to see what's in front of you as your eyes are unable to adjust to the sudden brightness. In those few seconds you're blinded, the car in front could have hit the brakes.

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Which is why you should also try out wearing night driving glasses. No, we're not telling you to wear your sunglasses at night. Night driving eyewear is specifically designed to avoid being temporarily blinded by bright lights. How so? For instance, Sorrento Sunwear uses polarized lenses and an anti-reflective coating to cut down as much glare as possible. The yellow tint, on the other hand, helps you pick up objects in low lighting, further enhancing vision.

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Sorrento Sunwear's night driving eyewear also allows for better contrast and color perception, which gives you view out front that's all thanks to its HD Polar+ technology. Yes, you can also wear them during the daytime, which makes it all the more versatile. Lenses are interchangeable, giving you a choice between the aforementioned yellow tint, or a light shade of blue. Even with the other shade, Sorrento Sunwear's lenses can still pick out minute details your eyes can't, again thanks to HD Polar+ tech.

You can purchase Sorrento Sunwear night driving glasses through their official website https://sorrentosunwear.comZalora, or Lazada.

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Dim your dash lights... if possible

There's also a way to lessen glare from behind the wheel. Generally, most models dim the dash lights when you switch on the headlights. In some cars, you can dim the lights on your dash with either a dial or switch. Not only does it 'sting' the eyes, but it could also cause reflections all over the cabin, which could lead to more distractions. Essentially, do as much as you can to lessen the strain on your eyes.

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Slow down, use caution, and take it easy

Driving at night will always be more inherently hazardous that in the day. With that, you also have to be more cautious meaning keep a steady pace, be more aware of your surroundings, and never go faster than your line of sight. Go too fast and you won't be able to react quickly to emergency situations that could have been avoided if you slowed down in the first place.

Remember, all these tips to help your vision at night are moot if you don't drive safely in the first place.


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