We do what we do best with YOU in mind as we know that each individual gets only one vision in his lifetime. It is important that we take good care of our EYESIGHT, because without it, we would not be able to enjoy what we love doing. Most people take their vision for granted, unknowingly, exposing their eyes to possible damages that may take their sight away in the future. You shouldn’t be one of them. 

With Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear, we take full responsibility in taking care of your eyesight by merging state-of-the-art technology with timeless passion for vision protection. Our globally competitive craftsmanship provides you with top-notch polarized sunglasses that are tailor-fitted to satisfy your wants and needs. Starting off with careful conceptualization, deliberate picking of lens and frame colors plus designing a single sunwear as a whole, Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear is guaranteed to surpass your expectations making each experience you take, something worth remembering.

We are not just masters of sunglasses, we are experts of experience.



As masters of sunglasses and experts of experience, each individual pair of Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear is created to provide people not just with something stylish and trendy, but with a sunwear that would protect their vision from the damaging rays and glares of the sun.

Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear is not just a brand, we are your partners as you look beyond your limits and conquer whatever lies ahead. 

Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear is not just something that you wear, we are experience in itself. Our line of polarized sunglasses makes a huge different in your journey, be it an active urban activity or a laidback, sophisticated lifestyle. We married clarity and protection, combined functionality and style, into one tangible thing so that you can see the bests of life clearly, without having to worry about conditions that may harm your eyes. 

Whatever path you take in life, we will share one vision with you.



The vision we wish to share with you, is a vision of a better view. This is not only about the clarity of how you see things when you wear us, but how you look at life as a whole. It is our vision to push people beyond their comfort zones, to push them further than where they are now and to push them to enjoy the endless possibilities they can do with their eyesight. This we can do by delivering the finest, world-class quality polarized sunglasses, a product of timeless optical mastery and boundless revolutionary innovation for eye care, that can be used by people of all ages.



Team Sorrento Sunwear