Protechnology: Frames


Frames are the skeleton of your sunglasses. It has to withstand different circumstances which may damage your item while giving you comfort while you wear it. That is what Sorrento+ Frames are all about. Ours are both easy and hard at the same time. We invested in specialized materials to manufacture frames that are easy on the face and the head but strong enough to defy bumps, drops, bends and breaks.

 Sorrento+ Polarized Frame Material


When it comes to high quality sunglasses, it begins and ends with the frames. What good are polarized lenses without sturdy frames to hold them? This is what defines the best sunglasses frames for men and women. It’s all about the ability to withstand high impact use, while also not sacrificing comfort and style.

Sorrento’s patented Resishock TM frames can survive almost anything. No matter how many bumps, nudges, drops, and bends they go through, our sunglasses can surely take a beating. This makes them perfect for high-intensity activities. If you’re the go-anywhere, do-anything type of person, let Sorrento Sunwear accompany you on your next adventure. As we always say, life is best enjoyed with a better view!



Here at Sorrento Sunwear, we don’t just offer sunglasses. We provide people great experiences. The great outdoors is filled with wonders that deserve to be seen. Sorrento shades allow you to marvel at the beauty of nature without the worry of glare.

How? We offer the best polarized sunglasses in the Philippines. Sorrento Sunwear protect your eyes from glare and UV rays, while also allowing better contrast and color, and reducing eye strain. After all, what good are sunglasses if they don’t keep your eyes safe from the sun?

Sorrento Sunwear offers you the best of both worlds: style and utility. Protect your eyes from the elements without compromising your looks. This is what we offer, and what you deserve.