Protechnology: Lens



The most important thing to consider in your sunglasses, more than style and design is the lenses. Lenses protect your eyes from extreme light and there are a lot of varieties of lenses which can go with your sunglasses. However, not all lenses are the same. For people like you, who deserves to see the bests of life clearly, polarized lenses should be the top choice. With Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear, all items on our product list comes with polarized lenses. What are polarized lenses, you say?

HD Polar+ Lens Technology is a state-of-the-art innovation from Sorrento+ Polarized Sunwear. This technology has several benefits:

  • Separates the bad from the good light, and only allows the good light to pass through your eyes.
  • Bad light like UVA and UVB rays may cause eye sore, cancer or blindness while good light gives you enhanced visual clarity and better vision contrast.
  • With our HD Polar+ Lens Technology, you are guaranteed to be 100% protected from harmful rays and glares, while enjoying improved vision contrast and clarity, superior glare reduction, declined eye strain and optimum comfort allowing you to enjoy the things you love doing without compromising your eyesight.


Oleophobic Lenses repels oil from your lenses, including sweat to prevent your sunwear from damages.


Hydrophobic Lenses repels water from your lenses, protecting it from possible damage. If you’re up for a wet and wild adventure, we got you covered!



If you think all sunglasses are the same, think again. Aside from the style and the fit, the other most important thing to consider when buying sunglasses is the lenses. After all, what good are sunglasses when they can’t fully protect your eyes from the sun? For this, polarized lenses are the way to go.

Sorrento offers the best polarized sunglasses in different lens colors as well. Our polarized lenses offer protection from these: UV rays, eye strain, and glare. The lenses also provide better color perception and contrast, which means you won’t have to sacrifice seeing the best of life. Truly, life is best enjoyed with a better view!


Here at Sorrento Sunwear, we don’t just offer sunglasses. We provide people great experiences. The great outdoors is filled with wonders that deserve to be seen. Sorrento shades allow you to marvel at the beauty of nature without the worry of glare.

How? We offer the best polarized sunglasses in the Philippines. Sorrento Sunwear protect your eyes from glare and UV rays, while also allowing better contrast and color, and reducing eye strain. After all, what good are sunglasses if they don’t keep your eyes safe from the sun?

Sorrento Sunwear offers you the best of both worlds: style and utility. Protect your eyes from the elements without compromising your looks. This is what we offer, and what you deserve.