The Science Of Swag: Here’s How To Be More Fashionable, According To Science

The Science Of Swag: Here’s How To Be More Fashionable, According To Science

The Science Of Swag: Here’s How To Be More Fashionable, According To Science 

Science and fashion. These two words don’t exactly fit together, right? Mainly due to pop culture portrayals, the science guy doesn’t care about how he looks: all that matters is the pursuit of knowledge. And thus, he/she looks a little old-fashioned or “nerdy.” On the other hand, the super fashionable individual isn’t always anyone who pursues knowledge for what it is—it's all about aesthetics.  

But what if we told you that science can actually tell you how to be fashionable? Yes, this is indeed a thing. And there are interesting factors to consider to instantly improve the quality of your OOTDs.  

What you wear basically defines who you are. People will judge you based on your overall getup. This is human nature. A lot of decisions such as dating and even hiring choices can be dictated by what people wear.  

But what does this mean? It just shows that people unconsciously have a pre-determined motif in their head of what “stylish” and “appropriate” looks like. Their brains already expect something that fits their ideal notion of how a person should dress, and this seems to be universal across all people.  

Moderation Is Important  

First off, always remember that fashion doesn’t have to be cut and dried. You should dress according to what you’re comfortable with, how it portrays your personality and tastes, and just run with it. But as said earlier, people have a certain “line” they draw when it comes to how others’ outfits should look. It must focus on moderation. That is, nothing too basic, nothing too crazy either, for a more “generally pleasing” look.  

If your outfit completely matches (I.e. green everything) or doesn’t match at all (denim shorts and a dress suit while wearing flip flops), it’s a no-no. Scientists call this the Goldilocks Principle. It refers to the general human thinking that complexity and simplicity should be balanced.  

Perhaps this is why when we see someone dressed in all shades of one color, we consider it quirky and out of the ordinary. To their mind, their clothes matching perfectly is a sign of stylishness, because it is their own style. But to the general public, there has to be balance. This is where complementary pieces and colors come into play. For instance, it’s generally good to wear white shoes with black pants, or how the color black literally doesn’t clash with anything.  

Not everyone can rock a one-colour outfit like this. (c)

Dressing According To Your Body Type  

Stylists preach this all the time: dress according to your body type. It doesn’t matter how color-coordinated or balanced your outfit is. If your clothes don’t fit your body well, they won’t look good. Science agrees as well.  

Again, this plays to the whole idea of pieces complementing one another, not matching them. Consider where your body’s strengths lie in terms of looks. For example, if you have a more prominent lower body compared to your upper body, dress up in a way that adds more “oomph” to your shoulders to balance it out. Or if it’s the other way around, then dress in a way that adds to the lower body.  

Same goes with the face. For example, if you feel like you’re lacking strong features like defined cheekbones, then wear a pair of large rim sunglasses or eyeglasses. The eyewear creates an illusion of defined facial features where there might be none, therefore instantly making you look more stylish.  

Dressing Up For Power And Confidence 

Consider these styling tips and you can, according to science, feel even better about yourself as a whole. It turns out that the more stylish you look, the more positive effects it can have on your self-esteem, social life, and career performance.  

(c) Gentleman's Journal

According to a paper in Psychology and Personality Science, changing into formal or casual clothing affected cognitive performance during a series of tests. Those who wore suits exhibited better abstract thinking, which is critical to creativity. They also got the better end of negotiations compared to their peers who dressed down.  

Final Thoughts 

Clothes make the man—or woman—in this case. Science shows that dressing up can improve overall career performance, and it also explains how to make your OOTDs instantly fashionable. The key is balance: don’t match clothes perfectly, just make them complement each other. And when you find out that balance between complexity and simplicity, it can go a long way in terms of bringing your quality of life up a notch.  

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