Why polarized sunglasses make you look hotter

Why Do Sunglasses Seem To Make You Look Hotter? 


Sunglasses. They're universal when talking about OOTDs. Picked correctly, they can complete an entire ensemble no matter what your personal style is. In other words, they can make you look more attractive in an instant. But how? Why? As it turns out, there is a scientific reason behind it. It relies on how the human brain perceives symmetry and overall attractiveness.

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Nottingham Trent University lecturer Vanessa Brown says it likely has something to do with symmetry. There is a school of thought called “face symmetry,” which states that people typically consider symmetrical faces attractive (with that in mind, perfectly symmetrical faces are impossible). There are some celebrities who come close, though. It seems that our brains are visual perfectionists without us realizing it!

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face, which is why sunglasses essentially come to the rescue. Put a pair on, and boom! Instant symmetry. Dark lenses hide anything asymmetrical in the immediate area around your eyes and upper face.

Here’s another interesting fact: our brains also perceive toned bone structures as attractive. You might not have that naturally, but a pair of sunglasses can fill the void. Sunglasses create the illusion of a toned bone structure where there might be none.



There are millions of things that can make anyone attractive. Only a few, however, can be considered near universal. One of these is mystery, which rings true especially for men. There is something in someone mysterious that might make you want to pursue them romantically. It’s like the mystery makes them sexy.

So how does this relate to sunglasses? Simple. When we look at a person’s face, the eyes are among the first things we look at. The phrase “the eyes are windows to the soul” does have a scientific explanation. Your eyes are among the first things that communicate emotion. When you hide it with sunglasses (especially opaque ones), it makes you a little bit harder to read. They make you more mysterious and by extension, more attractive.

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Think of a celebrity or public figure. Which one comes to your mind first? Whoever it may be, you might have seen them wearing sunglasses at least once. Whether in photos or in public, it doesn't matte. Basically, every "It" person wears sunglasses as part of their fashion routine. Sunglasses complete their look and they rock it like no other person can.


Glamour is the word. Sunglasses typically link to high society, sophistication, and A-list lifestyles. Take note, however, that while common nowadays, sunglasses weren't popular until the 50s and the 60s. They started as strictly performance eyewear for athletes. But when celebrities started wearing to avoid being recognised in public (also to protect their eyes from camera flash bulbs exploding right in their faces), sunglasses became quite popular.

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal on the NY Subway



Sunglasses make you look cooler in an instant. That's the bottom line. They're not just a fad. As fashion accessories, they have stood the test of time. We at Sorrento Sunwear don't only think of fashion. We believe strongly in mixing work and play, and this, we introduce to you the Explorer.

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